balcony blunts.
Be an artist of consciousness. Your picture of reality is your most important creation. Make it powerfully profoundly beautiful.
- Alex Grey (via fourteendrawings)
1 day ago
There is a tendency to be grandiose about this journey in the beginning, perhaps for some time. But once you gain maturity with it, once you have remade yourself so that you can live in this world of living meanings for more extended periods, the grandiosity fades. It is simply what you do.

You have time then to linger, to greet the living beings you meet as fellow inhabitants, neighbors. … For the stones and trees, plants and mountains, the rivers themselves, were here long before us. Their memories are long, and they will speak and tell those who come with open hearts about how things were long ago. They tell us the stories of their youth and the shaping of the world and of humankind.

In this way of being you ultimately find yourself, a truth that comes from the depth of the world that is meant for you, the companionship of ensouled beings that are true and loving and deep, and a journey that all ecstatic humans have taken since humans have been. It is our birthright to engage in this mode of cognition, and there is no human being who cannot do it. For it is essential to our natures, encoded within us as human beings.
- Stephen Harrod Buhner, in The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in the Direct Perception of Nature. (via geopsych)
2 days ago

While exploring El Calafate in Patagonia last February, stumbled across a band of wild horses walking along the beach of Lago Argentino. Pure luck, my absolute favorite moment that I’ve ever captured.